Ignite for SQL Server Monitoring Tool

Database performance problems can strike on any SQL Server instance at any time, Confio's Ignite provides consistent 24/7 monitoring, ensuring even the most notorious intermittent problems are captured.

Ignite SQL Server monitoring tool is unique in its ability to correlate SQL response time with a variety of metrics to give you a clear view of the relationship of various resources and query performance, with a graphical web browser based display, including response time analysis, which focuses on the actual time applications are kept waiting. Longer wait time results in longer bar segments for each query, as you will see in this video.

Only Ignite helps identify the root cause of SQL Server performance issues by identifying the query, the bottleneck, and the historical wait time for that query. Drilling into the root cause of a problem is easy and executed with a single click. The drill down shows the top time-taking queries, their total response time, and the specific wait type, all within a single screen. The example in this video shows the LCK_M_S, which indicates a blocked query due to a lock. By clicking on the Blockers tab, you can see the queries being blocked, as well as the query responsible for the lock.

Ignite provides data on waits, sessions, and plans. In plans, details on operations and costs are visible with a simple mouse-over, including the point where plans fork into parallel executions. With a less than one percent load on monitored servers, Ignite's unique agentless architecture minimizes the negative impact on the database performance, which is common with other SQL Server monitoring tools.   This results in a clear picture of SQL Server performance.