Customer Testimonials

Confio is proud to service industry leaders in finance, technology, insurance, medical, retailing, energy, government and more. All have turned to Confio to illuminate and resolve their toughest database problems. And all have achieved outstanding measurable results that bring both personal recognition and demonstrable savings to their organization.

Here are a sampling of comments and results Confio has received:

Industry Customer Testimonial

Natural Supplements

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"We went in, found the queries that were problems, found out they didn't have indexes... and then we got kudos from the users the next day saying 'this is faster'."
"We've had many occasions where we were able to go into Confio (Ignite) and look at the software and see a graph of month by day... We were actually able to troubleshoot some slowness before the users actually said it was slow... We went in, found the queries that were problems, found out they didn't have indexes, and we indexed the tables and did some statistics updating." - Ben Miller, Nature's Sunshine Products


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"History is Key."
"It's the best way we have of telling if there's been some code changes or if something is not performing as well today as it was yesterday... Using Ignite, versus Profiler, you actually have a history, which is key... I think I'm a better DBA because I'm using Ignite." - Dan Shargel, DBA, Wall Street on Demand


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"In the first month we used Ignite for SQL Server, we were able to use it to eliminate a hidden locking problem."
"We were having database waits an average of 8-10 hours a day, and on some of our worst days we even had up to 120 hours of waits.  The same problem also brought our websites down every night for 10 minutes, a constant source of irritation because we didn't know why it was happening.  Ignite illustrated the exact source of the problem and allowed the Microsoft technical team to make a fix that completely eliminated it." - Amy Stuemky, DBA, Globus Family of Brands


"Ignite for Oracle is a well-balanced performance monitor, built on a proven wait event tuning methodology."
"Ignite for Oracle allows the DBA to quickly find the components of response time and drill-in to locate and correct sub-optimal SQL statements. Best of all, Ignite for Oracle has an intuitive interface that allows you to track database wait events by SQL, session and user." - Donald Burleson, Principal,  Burleson Consulting


"I could not troubleshoot the new SQL 2008 system without the Confio Ignite tool for SQL."
"I got your phone message yesterday. Sorry I haven't been able to call back. I have a heavy work load and tend to forget what time it is. Last night I worked 10pm-5am. This week, we are working closely with Microsoft Support to trace a problem back to a buffer latch "wait type" on a production SQL server. With the help of the Ignite tool, we are able to pinpoint the exact time and the stored procedure query where the problem is occurring. With this information, we are able to tell Microsoft we found a bug inside their new SQL 2008 platform. Seriously, I could not troubleshoot the new SQL 2008 system without the Confio Ignite tool for SQL." - DBA, Financial Services Firm, Florida


"Within 24 hours we were able to pinpoint and solve a year old problem."
"Ignite was a huge benefit. Within 24 hours of using the tool, we were able to pinpoint and find a solution for an issue that we had spent over a year trying to fix. Our problem was that we were tuning the code, when it turned out not to be a code problem, but a parameter setting on a table. It was so obscure, that without the tool, we probably never would have figured it out." - Tara Paider, Chief Solutions Architect,  Fortune 100 financial services and insurance company

Government & Aerospace

"We were able to cut database wait times in half…"
"We installed Ignite for Oracle in about 30 minutes one weekend, and immediately identified two significant performance-robbing queries. Using its focused data, we were able to cut database wait times in half within the first few days of the trial period. This translated directly into faster response times for our customers. Once those issues were addressed, we could easily see the next targets for optimization. Our database wait times are now less than 25% of what they were a few short months ago. Through the entire time, Confio has been very helpful and proactive, both in getting a tricky Oracle configuration handled and in helping us analyze our data. Our database is the heart of our system, and I consider Ignite for Oracle our single best tool for optimizing our database performance." -David Hancock,  DBA ARINC, Inc.


"Thanks so much. I am always impressed with how responsive and accommodating your company is."
- Connie Kraska,  Tucson Medical Center, Sr System Software Engineer


"Again- Confio has the best customer service of any vendor I've ever dealt with."
- Michael Smith,  Virtual Radiologic (vRad), Senior Database Engineer


"Ignite for Oracle identified and eliminated major performance bottlenecks."
"After installing Confio Ignite, I immediately identified a high volume of waits for library cache pin and library cache load lock, both of which are not normally seen in the database, let alone being the primary response time consumers. This was identified within 2 minutes of investigation with the Ignite for Oracle tool. This has resulted in overall response time reductions between 2/3 and 9/10 of the time it was taking to process compared to last Friday… We have identified and eliminated a major performance bottleneck from the environment." - Dallas Deeds,  Nationwide, Senior DBA. For more, see Insurance Case Study


"Ignite for Oracle just helped me identify a cpu problem on our production box."
"by the way...Ignite just helped me identify a cpu problem on our production box.....everything looked fine at the server level, but once you look at the error logs on the server, we could see that we have a board or a cpu failing. ...nice tool." - Mark A Frank,Nationwide


"Another Ignite victory"
"Ten minutes of work to identify naughty SQL code (causing server to hit 100% CPU) & determine a missing index and bad stats, an hour to input everything into an RFC, another ten minutes to put in the fix: 766 million disk reads per pay - GONE... 1.298 billion logical I/Os per day - GONE. Two easy, big successes in two weeks - not bad..... " - Senior DBA, 5 year Ignite user

Managed Service Provider

"In 24 hours...I had found and fixed the problem."
"I was given a week to fix the critical customer situation.  In 24 hours, I had Ignite installed, found and fixed the problem." David Park, Sr. Oracle DBA,  GSI Commerce

Managed Service Provider

"We are using it frequently with good results. Thank you for a good tool."
- Senior Oracle DBA, Applications on Demand,  IBM Global Services

Managed Service Provider

"Ignite is now a major part of our performance and monitoring strategy…"
"Without the use of Ignite, solving the performance issues and completing the upgrade would have been extraordinarily difficult for our team to do on its own, particularly when you consider the severe time constraints we faced. Confio's Ignite quickly pinpointed the issues and helped us get up to optimal performance for peak season. Ignite is now a major part of our performance and monitoring strategy and helps us maintain a quality user experience for our partners and customers." -John McGivern, VP IT Operations,  GSI Commerce. For more, see GSI eCommerce Case Study


"Yesterday Ignite flagged the code below as causing the majority of wait time in CRP." 
"We tuned the code and the initial results are very good. When I look at the wait times just for this code it went from 22 minutes down to a little less than 2 minutes.  When I look at the wait times for the entire database for the same time period it went from 38 minutes down to 16 minutes."
 - Senior DBA, Lone Star Steel

Media & Communications

"Ignite allowed me to resolve bottlenecks that a database-wide view could not see…"
"Before Ignite we were chasing the wrong SQL. Customer care could not resolve the calls about poor response for users. Ignite found the problem for us. Ignite for Oracle gave me the visibility into our database that I never had before, and as a result I was able to ensure we exceeded our service requirements for the customer during the busiest season. Ignite allowed me to resolve bottlenecks that a database-wide view could not see, and as a result it made a big difference in our system performance". - DBA Manager,  Liquid Digital Media. For more, see Digital Media Case Study


"Ignite by Confio will give you great info"
"A tool like Ignite by Confio will give you great info about exactly what is going on in your database and will help you when it comes to identifying what queries need re-written and so forth."- unsolicited customer comments from the Oracle-l mailing list


"We love your product! We've just been through some really ugly issues and it's so nice not having to hunt down all of the SQL stats individually." - Eric, DBA,


"Ignite is great!"
"We are finding so many bad SQL statements that it is actually overwhelming! I have just sent in a 2nd round of changes to improve SQL in our 2 main scientific apps. The testers will be done today and I will put them into production Friday night. The other DBA and I estimated we recoup the cost in ~ 90 days (based on time savings/user/year in terms of SQL performance)." - Ron Reidy, Lead DBA,  Array BioPharma, Inc.

Real Estate

"Ignite for SQL Server=awesome."
"I tuned some indexes and revised stored procs based on the charts from the IWC tool, and the performance changes in first month were dramatic." -Kevin, SQL Server DBA,  Fidelity National Real Estate

Restaurant and Food Service

"Confio is an extremely good company to work with and small enough to understand (and respond to) the needs of their customers and the changing marketplace."
Tim Callaghan, Software Developer, Crunchtime


"We looked at OEM."
"Basically it was HTML wrapped around the same old Statspack report. OEM gave us too many numbers, led us down the wrong trail. The Ignite approach is much more sensible." - Senior DBA,  retail eCommerce service provider.

State & Local Government

"Thank you for your assistance. This appears to have worked marvelously well! You may close that ticket, counting one satisfied customer."
- Stephen Schneider, DBA,  City of Jacksonville, FL

State Government

"We were blind without it!"
"It is GREAT to have Ignite up and running - I felt BLIND without it!" - Manager of database applications,  County government, Colorado


"Don't Use AWR For Wait Event Analysis"
"Confio also showed that TM-Contention is the largest wait event, but it also showed the queries waiting (lock table…in exclusive mode) and the machines. The table locked and the machines had nothing to do with the insert issue. A completely different part of the application. So, we can skip this event. I don't think you can get this kind of information from AWR!" -Chen Shapira, Production DBA,  Blog of Chen Shapira


"We are seeing immediate paybacks in tuning custom code in the e-Business suite."
"Thanks to you and your team for installing and configuring this tool, and for getting us acquainted with the features of Ignite. We are seeing immediate paybacks in tuning custom code in the e-Business Suite." -Dan Majors, DBA,  Seagate Technology


"One of the most significant improvements to a program that I have ever completed..."
"We are PL/SQL guys, so we know the front-end side of writing the logic. We had tuned our program to the best of our ability, and still no marked improvements. Without this help in determining the way in which our code interacts with the database itself, we would have been lost. We banged this out so quick, and with so little noise, that it hardly seems like we did anything, but this single change is one of the most significant improvements to a program that I have ever completed at Seagate." - Oracle Developer at  Seagate


"Huge Costs Savings…"
"Database tuning is a fertile ground for huge cost savings, and the RMM methodology is a recipe to achieve it." - Dave Herring, Denver, Colorado, formerly CTO, StorageTek and VP of Engineering,  McDATA Corporation