Expert Commentary on Wait-Time Analysis, Best Practice for Performance Tuning

Bloor -logo -white "The Confio Igniter Suite should be looked at closely by any company wanting to get a handle on their database performance issues." - Philip Howard, Director of Research, Bloor Research 
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Gartner -logo "Companies need comprehensive management tools that provide monitoring, automation and administration capabilities for the entire technology and applications stack -- enabling companies to not only minimize IT infrastructure complexity and cost, but also ensure the health of everyday business processes." - Ray Paquet, research analyst, Gartner
Oracle _Wait _Interface "Removing or even reducing the impact of major bottlenecks improves performance. For example, if you are to improve your travel time to work, you must first identify the major time-consuming elements on your route...once you remove, bypass, or reduce your major bottlenecks, you will automatically improve your travel time". - Richmond Shee, et. al.
Embarcadero Technologies _logo "In the pursuit of optimal database performance, Oracle professionals have been slowly migrating away from performance analysis techniques that focused on blanket system ratios to a methodology that instead zeros in on where a system, application, or session is spending its time. Referred to as wait-based analysis or bottleneck analysis, its goal is to uncover the true nature of performance degradation by determining the exact causes of throughput hindrances." - Robin Schumacher, Embarcadero Technologies
Orapub _logo "In my mind, one company got it from the beginning. Not only has Confio embraced the elegance of response time analysis, but has created the graphical interface to capture the essence of Response Time Analysis and effectively lead the performance analyst.  Partnering with Confio will make sure that we have access to its innovative technology to study and progress the practice of database performance analysis for the DBA community." - Craig Shallahamer, Orapub
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Burleson _logo "All Oracle tuning experts, while their various implementations may differ, agree that utilization of a methodology based in wait interface monitoring of SQL is the best methodology for properly tuning the Oracle database system." - Don Burleson, Burleson Consulting
Burleson _logo "Visibility is key to meeting service commitments. In short, it is not enough to have an up/down status for any given application or a completion/failure for transactions. Instead, transaction flow information is needed to identify the steps the transaction took and the delays that occurred within each system on the transaction processing chain."
Oracle -logo "Oracle has provided mechanisms to display the waits happening inside the database since Oracle7, and during the last several years, the model has been steadily perfected, with more and more diagnostic information added to it. In Oracle Database 10g, which makes significantly improved wait event information available, diagnosing a session slowdown has become even easier."