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Kaminario and Confio Partner to Help Enterprises Identify and Resolve Costly Database I/O Bottlenecks

Combined solution reduces costs by dramatically improving the speed and efficiency of database performance

NEWTON, Mass. - March 21, 2011 - Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance storage for accelerating databases and critical business applications, and Confio Software, the award-winning developer of Ignite 8 performance analysis software, today announced a unique partnership to identify and resolve database I/O bottlenecks. The Confio Ignite 8 and Kaminario K2 solutions will help reduce database operations' costs by identifying and resolving I/O problems more quickly and effectively.

This agreement makes Kaminario a Confio Performance Partner in providing expert database performance solutions. The Confio Ignite identifies when I/O bottlenecks are critically affecting data responsiveness and Kaminario K2 resolves the problem. Working together, the companies will enable businesses to gain access to enterprise-class database I/O performance solutions and reduce the costs associated with maximizing and maintaining database performance.

"The combined Confio and Kaminario solution enables DBAs, developers and DBA managers to identify I/O problems and fix them faster for a more efficient and higher performing outcome," said Matt Larson, CEO, Confio Software. Businesses will realize better service from their databases and, as a result, accrue less cost in database performance problem resolution and maintenance."

Kaminario and Confio have recently published a white paper titled: Diagnosing and Resolving Slow Database Batch Processing which highlights the overall Microsoft® SQL Server® performance improvements that can be achieved using the Kaminario K2 storage appliance. The Confio Ignite for SQL Server was used to diagnose and quantify I/O bottlenecks as the performance problem causing long delays in an SQL Server night batch process, and illustrate the specific time and performance saving achieved by the Kaminario K2. The paper demonstrates performance results when using the Confio Ignite 8 for SQL Server monitoring to quickly and accurately identify I/O issues and the Kaminario K2 DRAM storage appliance to resolve them.

The before and after results of the database batch process performance are startling. After deploying the SQL Server database and tempdb onto the Kaminario K2 appliance, the entire database night batch process performance improved by greater than 12 fold. CPU utilization improved from 15 to 75 percent, and several queries show a significant duration improvement. These tests and further results are illustrated in the white paper which can be downloaded from either the Kaminario or the Confio web sites.

"Confio Ignite provides an important service to enterprises looking to maximize database performance and reduce the cost of database operations and maintenance," said Dani Golan, CEO, Kaminario. "The partnership of Kaminario and Confio will allow companies to quickly identify DBMS issues and then address those issues with the Kaminario K2 providing a blazingly fast solution to application I/O bottleneck issues."

Confio Ignite is a comprehensive database performance solution for both physical and virtual server environments. Ignite helps eliminate bottlenecks, speed problem resolution, and reduce the cost of operations for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase databases well as VMware server environments. Confio Ignite, with its response time analysis method, enables IT teams to isolate the exact causes of database performance bottlenecks. Using Ignite, database adminstrators and software developers resolve problems more quickly and deliver faster application response to their IT users. Because Ignite isolates the specific cause and effect of I/O related bottlenecks, it easily identifies and quantifies the user benefit of using the Kaminario K2 high performance appliance to improve I/O performance.

The Kaminario K2 resolves time sensitive and I/O intensive critical business application performance problems (such as OLTP and database applications) that standard storage solutions simply cannot support. The Kaminario K2 supports up to 1.5 million IOPs and up to 16 GB/s throughput. It enables a 2x - 25x performance improvement for any workload, and with no performance degradation over time. The Kaminario K2 is based on its revolutionary Scale-out Performance Architecture (SPEAR) which enables it to deliver enterprise-grade performance, high availability and scalability. SPEAR is made up of industry standard blades which makes the Kaminario K2 easy to deploy (typically within hours) and maintain, and supports N+1 redundancy for high availability. For more information on how to maximize your database performance and to submit your database for a complimentary database I/O performance analysis, go to: Database I/O Performance Analysis.

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Confio Software develops database performance solutions that improve service and reduce the cost of operating databases and the applications that depend on them. Confio is known as the leading database monitoring innovator. Their flagship product, Ignite, uses response-time analysis, which focuses on improving response-time so users do not wait on their IT systems. Since the company's founding in 2002, Confio products are developed and supported from the Boulder, CO headquarters. For more information visit

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