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Confio Software Unveils Free Response-Time Database Performance Tool

BOULDER, Colo. June 16, 2010 - Confio™ Software, the makers of the award-winning Ignite 8 performance analysis software, today unveiled IgniteFree, the only free response-time database performance analysis tool. IgniteFree is carved from Ignite 8's primary feature set and gives DBAs a point-in-time view of bottlenecks in their database. IgniteFree for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2/LUW can be downloaded at no cost at

Confio's IgniteFree uses the same agent-less, low-load monitoring architecture as Ignite 8. It is designed specifically to demonstrate the benefits of response-time based performance analysis software: its usability, simplicity and accuracy.

"We developed IgniteFree to help DBAs, database developers and IT managers do real-time performance fire-fighting," said Matt Larson, CEO and founder of Confio. "Other free monitoring tools only offer a few server health statistics. By placing a free response-time analysis tool in the hands of all DBAs and developers, we can educate the largest number of users on the benefits of response-time analysis."

IgniteFree is intended for real-time analysis, showing just the last hour of response time, server resources, query and session statistics. DBAs can use IgniteFree to identify the queries that consume the most resources and cause the most user response-time impact within the past hour. IgniteFree also enables DBAs to immediately respond to calls from application users regarding potential database performance and impact issues.

Long-term trend analysis, detailed server resource statistics, and other advanced features are not included in IgniteFree, so users needing historical analysis, reporting capabilities, and other advanced features can convert to a full trial of Confio Ignite 8 simply by adding a license key. IgniteFree works with all four monitored databases and both Oracle/SQL repositories on both Windows and UNIX/Linux. There is no limit on seats (or users) for IgniteFree and users can monitor up to 20 instances at a time. Confio also has a forum available for IgniteFree users at

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Confio Software develops database performance solutions that improve service and reduce the cost of operating databases and the applications that depend on them. Confio is known as the leading database monitoring innovator. Their flagship product, Ignite, uses response-time analysis, which focuses on improving response-time so users do not wait on their IT systems. Since the company's founding in 2002, Confio products are developed and supported from the Boulder, CO headquarters. For more information visit

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