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Confio Software Announces Ignite 8

Ignite Goes Beyond Response-Time Metrics to Deliver Comprehensive Database Performance Analysis

March 2, 2010 - Boulder, CO - Confio Software today announced that Ignite 8, a major expansion of its award winning database performance solution, is now available. Ignite 8 expands the Ignite™ for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase products to include comprehensive performance monitoring in combination with the response-time analysis for which Ignite has been known.

In past product versions, Ignite was often used in conjunction with other database monitoring tools to track server health and monitor current session activity, with Ignite providing advanced analysis based on its unique response-time monitoring capability. Now Ignite 8 captures both the conventional health statistics and the more advanced response-time data and correlates them with to deliver unmatched perspective on the database condition and how it is affecting end user experience.

With the most important response-time metric now supported by server health, and real time session data, Ignite delivers a unique monitoring and analysis solution for database administrators, developers and IT managers across the enterprise. Some new features available in Ignite 8 include:

  • Historical trend patterns ranging from 1 second to 1 year, mine Ignite's data repository to discover clues about problem sources.
  • Correlation of response-time with health and session data, to show how server condition and session activity directly impact query delays and how end user response is affected.
  • Expert analysis and recommendations, with Ignite 8 following the rules established by Confio's expert DBAs to find and prioritize the causes of response-time bottlenecks hidden in the large volume of data.
  • Alarm trail that leads DBAs from high level views down through detailed root cause information simply by clicking alarm icons to follow the correct path to resolution.

Ignite 8 user and nationally recognized SQL Server and Sybase expert Jeff Garbus of Soaring Eagle consulting stated, "Ignite 8 is a huge advance, because it ties the response-time analysis that Confio does so well to the O/S data that I need to get a complete performance picture. Correlating query performance to system performance completes the performance picture."

"Ignite 8 is the biggest leap forward in capabilities in the history of the product," said Don Bergal, Chief Operating Officer at Confio. "The new features available in Ignite 8 were driven by requests from customers that we tie more data to response-time so they could depend on Ignite as a complete performance solution."

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