SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer VM Option (formerly Confio Ignite) gives DBAs and IT management unique visibility into databases on VMware, to improve performance and reduce risk for database projects.

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Essential Database Visibility for VMware Projects

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IT needs additional visibility when databases are moved from physical to virtual servers. VMware performance monitoring tools do not cover the database layer, and conventional database tools cannot capture meaningful resource information from virtual servers. DBAs cannot manage what they cannot see. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for VMware (formerly IgniteVM) removes the availability and performance uncertainty that comes with shifting critical databases from physical servers to VMware.

Database Performance Analyzer VM Option is the only VMware performance monitoring tool that exposes the multiple layers of the database and virtual machine architecture, including database instance, virtual server and physical host server resources. By knowing what changes in the virtual server impact CPU, memory, or I/O, a DBA can ensure reliable
operations and service levels.

5 Key Risks of Running Databases on VMware

VMware Obscures DBA Visibility - Database Performance Analyzer VM Option Restores it
Inaccurate metrics All the server level statistics DBAs depend on, such as CPU, I/O, and memory resources are no longer accurate on a virtual server. Database Performance Analyzer VM Option shows the real resource pool.
Dynamically changing resources Physical resources can change fast, and without the DBA knowing that resources have been re-allocated. Database Performance Analyzer VM Option gives the DBA notice.
No control over host resources A new VM on the same host can steal resources and affect the database. Database Performance Analyzer VM Option shows the DBA when this is happening.
No Management system visibility DBAs cannot see the vCenter console, but with Database Performance Analyzer VM Option performance monitoring tool, they can see essential parameters and statistics affecting their VM and database, with no vCenter accees needed.
Silos between DBAs and VM administrators DBAs and VMware administrators often don't share information, but Database Performance Analyzer VM Option brings the database layer and server layers together, to improve communications and problem solving