SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server (formerly Confio Ignite) uses response time analysis to get to SQL Server performance problems in just 4 clicks. Improving SQL Server performance has never been easier.

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Key Features

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server is unique in combining the most important analysis techniques, response time analysis, with a full set of customizable server resource monitors, advisors, alerts and reports. While many SQL Server database tuning tools cover server health management, SolarWinds DPA gives both the expert and novice DBAs and development teams a solution to find and fix performance problems that directly impact end users.  

DPA for SQL Server Performance, Features Include:

Cross-Platform Dashboards

The dashboard includes all the instances and clusters in a multi-vendor environment, grouped however your DBA team needs it. It identifies the most serious problems from SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and DB2 on one screen so that the extended DBA team can all use the same tool. Alarms for real-time response time and critical server resources all appear in one place, 3 clicks from the root cause of any problem.  

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server Performance Dashboard

T-SQL Query Response Time

It can show one screen with the three essential facts required to isolate a SQL Server performance problem: which query, which Wait Type bottlenecks, and what is the response time impact on each query. When tuning SQL Server, DPA gives an uniquely simple view of exactly what is causing the problem.   

 Database Performance Analyzer for  SQL Server - Enhanced T-SQL Query Response Time

Historical Trend and Drill Down

Database Performance Analyzer excels at showing long term historical performance trends in SQL Server and giving the DBA and developer the ability to drill down to any point of interest. Since it keeps detailed Wait Type statistics in its data warehouse repository, the team can track response of SQL Server queries, execution plans, databases, programs and more, over days, weeks and months.  Then a DBA can display a bar chart to show the exact situation - such as changed query, missing index, excessive page I/O -  that occur at the exact time of a problem. When an application owner calls, it illustrates the situation at the historical time of interest.  

Wait Time Data in Real Time

With data as granular as one second, and real time updates, DPA shows real time SQL Server performance.  When a customer opens a trouble ticket, the DBA can respond instantly and see exactly why SQL Server session was locked, why a batch job was hung, or what I/O bottleneck caused the problem. Unlike other SQL Server database tuning tools that just show server resources, DPA gives real time insight into specific SQL Server query processing delays. 

 Database Performance Analyzer  for SQL Server Monitoring: Real Time Wait Data

Wait Type Alerts and Reports

Database Performance Analyzer is unique in using SQL Server Wait Types to trigger proactive alerts and generate trend reports so that DBAs and developers can use response time as their primary metric.  Whether being alerted on query SLA response violations, or excessive PageIOLatch times, it gives DBAs menus to build customized alerts and reports, and set automatic delivery based on alert priority and report schedules.   

SQL Server Tuning Advisors

SQL Server performance tuning advisors in DPA for SQL Server are based on thousands of hours of analysis by SolarWinds senior DBAs in diagnosing problems based on response time analysis. Database Performance Analyzer engine captures tiny data points in our data warehouse, and the tuning advisors which problems need attention based on direct impact on users. Then clicking on the alarm trail takes DBAs to the root cause in 4 clicks or less. 

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server Tuning Advisors

Correlate Resources and Response Time

Conventional SQL Server tuning tools show server and instance resources like CPU, memory, logical and physical I/O. But do they help in finding the source when a problem arises? Database Performance Analyzer puts wait type based response time and server resources on one screen, so the DBA can see how they are tied together.  Does a CPU spike correspond to a delay for a specific query? How much are selected Programs being held up by high physical reads? It correlates over 20 different resource metrics with response time to make SQL Server tuning faster and more effective.  

 Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server Performance tools Correlate Reponse Time

6 Dimensions of Wait Time Drill Down

Built from a base of response time analysis, DPA gives the most detailed response time analysis of any SQL Server tuning tool.  Users can drill down to focus on response for 6 different SQL Server wait time dimensions in our data warehouse, including query, Wait Type, Program, Database, and User dimensions. Many tools have Wait  Type data, but only Database Performance Analyzer lets you see a chart to answer a question such as "which query had the highest delays when hitting a certain index?".

Multi Dimension View on SQL Server Performance from SolarWinds

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