SQL Server Demos

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server (formerly Confio Ignite) Overview

Demo: How to Get the Most Out of your Trial

This 3 minute video gives a quick orientation to Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Serverr, so you know what to expect and where to look for quick SQL Server performance gains with Database Performance Analyzer.

See it in Action: SQL Server Advanced Features

These 2 minute videos illustrate how Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server advanced features can help you.

Demo: Detecting Query Bottlenecks in SQL Server Stored Procedures

Rather than just reporting the bottleneck for the entire procedure, Database Performance Analyzer identifies the specific response time for each query inside a stored procedure, so you know exactly where the problem lies. The video shows how to get this information.

Demo: View Historical Blocking in SQL Server

Blocking occurs when a lock on one session causes other sessions to wait. Database Performance Analyzer exposes the blocker sessions and identifies how much response time impact each lock has on other applications and users. The video shows how to make the most of this information.