SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle (formerly Confio Ignite) replaces the monitoring and performance features lost when moving to Oracle Standard Edition, making it easier to achieve the cost savings of the move to SE.

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Retain Peformance Management while Cutting Costs with Oracle SE  Free Trial 

Get the Most out of the Oracle SE Four Socket Limit

With the four CPU socket limitation of Oracle Standard Edition (SE), making the most efficient use of CPU resources is critical.  SolarWinds DPA for Oracle (formerly Confio Ignite) provides two benefits: First, it correlates server resources with SQL response time. Second, it gives you the information necessary to identify the root cause of performance issues, providing the keys to unlock maximum Oracle SE performance monitoring on a four socket server. 

 Oracle CPU Resource Correlation Image - Database Performance Analyzer from Solar Winds

DPA for Oracle provides a direct correlation between resources and SQL query response time

Track Performance Monitoring of the Free RAC in Oracle SE

One of the big cost advantages of Standard Edition is the fact that Oracle RAC is included for free. 

DPA for Oracle monitors 40 different RAC-specific Wait Events pinpointing bottlenecks in a RAC cluster. This provides DBAs the ability to eliminate unnecessary wait time that stalls RAC performance.  Learn More.