SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle (formerly Confio Ignite) replaces the monitoring and performance features lost when moving to Oracle Standard Edition, making it easier to achieve the cost savings of the move to SE.

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Preserve Database Performance Management when Moving to Oracle SE

Budget conscious CIOs are finding cost savings of more than 70% by moving applications from Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) to Oracle Standard Edition (SE).

But what about the DBAs who must manage the transition and continue to deliver highly reliable service without the EE extras? The key performance, optimization and availability tools used as part of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) are not available in SE.

OEM Management Functions Not Available in Oracle Standard Edition

Oracle EE Product OptionFunctionality removed from SE
Oracle Diagnostics Pack Performance diagnostics and monitoring, used from OEM/Grid Control
Oracle Tuning Pack SQL tuning, used from OEM/Grid Control
Oracle Change Management Pack Change implementation and monitoring
Oracle Resource Manager Resource balancing

High Quality Database Performance Management with Standard Edition

Oracle Standard Edition (SE) is a perfect match for DPA's Oracle database performance monitoring capabilities. It offers a high quality alternative to the EE management packs at a far lower cost, and is completely compatible with SE with no loss of functionality. DPA for Oracle replaces the database performance, optimization and availability tools from EE with an even greater depth of response time and historical trend analysis. Without the complexity of OEM, DBAs can take a step up in service and reliability with their SE installation.

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