RAC configuration and overhead poses a complex performance challenge. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle (formerly Confio Ignite) exposes RAC bottlenecks to help get the most performance out of Oracle RAC.

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Eliminate Oracle RAC Bottlenecks

Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle RAC Overhead SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle (formerly Confio Ignite) RAC performance tuning, offers DBAs unparalleled insight into overhead caused by delays in RAC cluster coordination and cache operations, which can cause critical performance problems for DBAs and end-users.

It identifies the impact of up to 40 different RAC-specific Wait-Events that create overhead in an Oracle RAC environment. Each SQL statement performance is analyzed for how efficiently it uses the Oracle RAC resources. Performance is measured for the entire RAC as well as individual RAC nodes at a query level, giving DBAs practical data on wait times between the application and database and where in the RAC cluster performance time is being wasted.

With DPA for Oracle RAC Performance Tuning, find:

  • Imbalance between RAC nodes
  • Excessive overhead for cache access between nodes
  • Improper RAC configuration leading to degraded performance