SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle (formerly Confio Ignite) E-Business is an optional extension of Ignite designed to resolve E-Business specific performance problems.

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E-Business Database Performance Monitoring Tool

Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle E-Business provides increased visibility into the causes of performance problems in Oracle E-Business Suite / Oracle ERP / Oracle Application environments.

Oracle e-business Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle Top Modules

Top Modules describes the E-Business modules that are the largest contributor to wait time, helping you identify the root cause.  

Top Actions shows the actual E-Business end-users experiencing the greatest wait. 

Email Chart  makes it easy to communicate this information to the responsible party, for a quick resolution. 

Designed for DBAs responsible for Oracle databases supporting Oracle E-Business and ERP solutions, DPA for Oracle identifies the delays in E-Business screens and modules occurring at the database layer, providing a precise diagnostic tool for DBAs to monitor and optimize their database in complex application environments. When business users report slow performance, DBAs can find the exact queries and resource bottlenecks causing the delays.