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Target Database Performance BottlenecksDepend on SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite) to find and fix database performance problems fast.  

Response time analysis is what sets Database Performance Analyzer apart, with the most detailed database Wait Type and Wait Event monitoring and analysis anywhere.  Database Performance Analyzer is agentless, with only the lightest load on monitored servers.  

Got VMware?  Only SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer VM Option for VMware Database Performance (formerly Confio Ignite) gives full visibility of the physical server to the DBA.

The latest version of Database Performance Analyzer is now ready for unlimited trials.  New features include Oracle Exadata monitoring, SQL Server graphical execution plan analysis, more Sybase statistics capture, custom monitor charts, expanded dashboards, and more.   Get the new trial version now.

Achieve IT Team Collaboration with DevOps Practices

Unite DBAs, developers, QA engineers, and architects to collaborate on application performance in accordance with a DevOps software lifecycle process 

  • Eliminate finger-pointing
  • Bring applications to market faster
  • Reduce dev cycles, reduce costs
  • Non-intrusive, secure developer and QA access to production server metrics 

Database Performance Analyzer brings DBAs and developers together in Agile environment - Read case study

Architects, developers, and DBAs use Database Performance Analyzer tools to maximize responsiveness at InContact - Read press release 

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Database Performance & Optimization Resources

Tools, tips and resources for DBAs and developers to help pinpoint database performance problems before fingers are pointed.

Commissioned Study from Forrester Consulting documents Total Economic Impact of Confio Ignite at a Fortune 21 enterprise.  

Confio YouTube Channel: DBA Tools and Database Optimization Videos

LogicalRead: Database Performance Resources including Oracle Wait Events, SQL Server Wait Types and VMware Tips. Popular articles include:

Webinars and Live Demos

These videos help DBAs and developers better monitor database performance with Database Performance Analyzer.

WebinarLive Ignite Product Demo: Join Confio Senior DBA, Rob Mandeville, for a live 45 minute Ignite demonstration.

WebinarOnDemand Webinar: Advanced Techniques for SSIS Performance Tuning

WebinarOnDemand Webinar: Indexing for SQL Server Performance – Smart Practices for the DBA and Developer

WebinarOnDemand Webinar: Oracle Wait Interface: Creative Maneuvers for Faster Performance Problem Resolution

WebinarOnDemand Webinar: SQL Server Query Performance Tuning: A 12-Step Program

Monitor & Optimization Tools

Knowledge Kit: Oracle RAC on VMware
Free advice from experienced DBAs on how to successfully deploy and manage Oracle RAC using VMware's virtualization technology

Primary Key vs. Clustered Index
A 3 part series by Mike Byrd, SQL Server expert DBA, developer, instructor, and speaker

Ignite or OEM
DBA weighs in on Oracle OEM and Database Performance Analyzer products

Oracle Performance Comparison: Physical vs VMware Servers
A head-to-head comparison of transaction performance

Upcoming Events
Events designed to help DBAs with database optimization and monitoring