Ignite™ for Service Providers gives managed service providers a high value monitoring and performance solution for managing customer databases

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Ignite for Service Providers

Manage Customer Database Performance

Confio Ignite offers service providers (SPs) the ability to improve performance and service delivery of applications to their customers. There is not a separate service provider product. Rather, Confio offers special pricing, configurations and performance reporting that are designed specifically for service providers operating and monitoring Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Sybase databases used by their customers. The SP program is specifically designed to address the rapidly changing configuration of physical and virtual servers in a typical SP data center.


Ignite gives SPs a solution to improve service levels on databases they operate, and to demonstrate service improvement for the applications that depend on the databases. SPs use the tool communicate database status and SLA compliance to customers with understandable charts. Ignite allows SPs the ability to manage customer database performance and focus on the most important metric - sources of application waiting - so it directly addresses the service levels that customers most care about.

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Flexible FIRE Pricing

The Flexible Ignite Registration Environment (FIRE) program gives SPs a way to move Ignite monitoring licenses among servers in a rapidly changing and virtual server environment. With "pay by the month" pricing, SPs pay only for the licenses currently in use on their servers, and have the flexibility to instantly self generate license keys when needed.