Partner Program Descriptions

Confio Software is now part of the SolarWinds family. Our selection of Partner Programs builds complementary and valuable relationships with service providers, consultants, trainers and independent software vendors.

Partner Program Types

The choice of partner program depends on the role your organization wishes to play in serving new customers, and requires varying levels of commitment and expertise in each program. Partners may select from one of the following programs:

  • Reseller Partners: Value Added Resellers that deliver SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite) licenses and support in their geographic region
  • Performance Partners: Consultants and Service Providers that refer potential Database Performance Analyzer end users to Confio
  • Consulting Partners: Trusted consultants and trainers who Confio introduces in situations where the customer requires on-site service beyond the standard Confio support for Database Performance Analyzer.
  • Service Providers: Managed Service Providers license Database Performance Analyzer under a special short term license agreement to monitor their customers' databases.


Reseller Partners

Confio Reseller Partners deliver and implement Confio products in their designated territory. Reseller Partners maintain all business relationships with the customers, and are the first line of technical support for end user questions.

To qualify as a Confio Reseller Partner, an organization must have established technical expertise in delivering database performance solutions, as well as demonstrate marketing and sales expertise in their geographic region or technical specialty. Sales, pre- and post- sale technical teams must be qualified and trained to represent Confio. Contact to reach the Confio account manager for your specific region of interest.

The Confio reseller network has been integrated into the broader SolarWinds distribution channel. SolarWinds has built a strong network of distributors who service thousands of resellers globally. You can find contact information for our distribution partners at Through these distributors, Reseller Partners will be able to purchase all SolarWinds products,  including Database Performance Analyzer. If you cannot locate a distribution partner for a territory, please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.

Performance Partners

Confio Performance Partners are consultants and integrators of databases and business applications that require expert performance analysis tools for use in their customer deployments. Under the Program, the Performance Partner gains free licensed access to Confio's advanced performance tools for use in implementation and training engagements. In return, the Partner refers qualified lead prospects to Confio, and is eligible to receive referral fees after a license is purchased. The Performance Partner program is simple to join, with no fees or financial obligations, Confio Performance Partners provide a alliance that improves customer service delivery. If you are interested in joining this program, contact your Confio account representative.

Consulting Partners

Trusted technology and business partners, Confio Consulting Partners are the organizations that Confio recommends to Database Performance Analyzer customers who require detailed post-sale, training or performance consulting assistance. Each Consulting Partner has detailed experience in a relevant technical discipline, and has earned the confidence of the Confio technical support team. Services range from onsite, hands-on training, to specialized performance resolution projects. All Consulting Partners have had prior success as a Confio partner and have a strong working relationship with Confio sales and support teams. If you are interested in joining this program, contact your Confio account representative.

Service Providers

Managed service providers that monitor their customers' databases locally or remotely. For frequently changing and short term licenses, the Confio FIRE licensing program offers a way for managed service providers to utilize Database Performance Analyzer at their customer sites, while enjoying flexible licensing and time based payments.  


To find out more about Confio’s Performance and Consulting Partner Programs please fill out "Get in Touch" form above or call +1.303.938.8282 or for the US Toll Free: 866.CONFIO.1 

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