Consulting Partners

DBG Consulting, Curt Triplett, Principal

It's About Time...

Will it be minutes, seconds, or a sub-second response you want your end users to experience? Do you want to defer or eliminate the vicious cost cycle of upgrading hardware to"fix" those scalabilityissues, CPU saturation issues, etc.? How about finally bringing in a consultant that "gets it" and delivers real business value?

We have over two decades of database performance optimization experience across many major databases. Curt has achieved the 2011 distinction as an "IBM Champion" based on results achieved in delivering value for IBM technical communities. "Perhaps the single most critical success factor for any application is optimal performance. No amount of time and money invested in an application really means anything if it doesn't perform well." Curt

Orapub, Craig Shallahamer, Principal

OraPub is a training, consulting, and product company focused exclusively on helping maximize Oracle system performance. The OraPub web-site went on-line in 1995 and OraPub, Inc. was founded by Mr. Craig Shallahamer in 1998. Join us in celebrating over 10 years of service to Oracle professionals! Craig has extensive experience in using Confio Ignite to solve the most complex Oracle performance issues. In addition, he has incorporated Ignite and response time methods into the popular Oracle Performance Firefighting course, offered around the globe.

Soaring Eagle Consulting, Inc. - Jeffrey R. Garbus CEO

For a decade and a half, Soaring Eagle Consulting, led by database industry leader Jeff Garbus, has been helping businesses of all sizes, industries and geographies maximize database performance. Keenly focused on SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle and DB2 database platforms, Soaring Eagle has assembled the premier team of senior database consultants in the industry. Our team provides a wide range of services including performance & tuning, architecture and scalability planning, managed services (which include Remote Database Administration - Oversight db™ and Remote Performance Management- rpm™), database migrations and upgrades, Business Intelligence, staffing and training. If it touches the database, Soaring Eagle has an expert solution.

Soaring Eagle has embraced Confio performance management technology as a keystone of our performance practices. In fact, our managed services rely heavily on the Igniter suite to deliver consistent performance results to our broad range of managed service clients.

In addition to using Confio solutions each day, Soaring Eagle also provides training and mentoring to Confio users who want to get the absolute most from the use of the tool.

Jeff Garbus also recently released his latest of 16 database technology books; Microsoft Transact SQL - The Definitive Guide, which helps DBAs and Developers write the best SQL code possible.

We live by our motto "It's all about performance"

Tpsi You focus on your business and TPSi focuses on your DB Performance and Support. On Shore expertise, On-Demand pricing. Let TPSi's team of Oracle Certified Professionals, DB2, and SQL/Server DBA's work for you. We utilize Confio's Performance Tools in every engagement. Improved support, lower costs, better ROI!