Tuning Oracle RAC on VMware Toolkit

Running a business-critical workload like Oracle RAC on VMware vSphere can help you achieve both high performance and lower costs. In this free Knowledge Kit,  you will learn about: Oracle licensing using VMware DRS Host Affinity Rules; high availability (HA) configurations; using VMware vMotion for Oracle RAC recovery and business continuity; quickly expanding a cluster and adding a database instance; tuning database performance in a virtualized environment. 

Download this free Confio Toolkit to get advice from Confio's most experienced DBAs on how to successfully deploy and manage Oracle RAC using VMware's virtualization technology.

PapersWhitepaper: "A DBA's Perspective on Oracle RAC on VMware" provides details and examples for a succesful implementation.

VideoVideo: "Oracle RAC on VMware: Insights from a Confio Senior DBA" shares insights from Kathy Gibbs, Senior DBA, on monitoring Oracle RAC on VMware.

Book and ResourcesQuick Guide: "Top Ten FAQ for a DBA Implementing Oracle RAC on VMware" lists the key things every DBA should know.

Book and ResourcesPresentation: "Oracle RAC on VMware: Getting the Best of Both Worlds" shares the experiences of a Confio Senior DBA in implementing Oracle RAC on VMware.



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