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Agile database deployments require employee collaboration

May 31, 2013

Database administrators (DBAs) are asked to complete a number of challenging tasks, including maintaining database performance, suggesting new upgrades and overseeing the deployments of these migrations.

New Oracle solution highlights growth of cloud and enterprise mobility

May 30, 2013

Cloud computing and mobile devices are two of the most significant trends influencing the greater IT industry.

Transition to cloud and virtualization impacting videoconferencing sector

May 30, 2013

The information technology (IT) industry is undergoing a shift from legacy equipment that cannot handle changing demands in favor of more agile environments powered by cloud computing and virtualization.

Corporate growth may be given a boost by cloud computing

May 30, 2013

Oracle has made a concerted effort to expand its solutions portfolio by focusing more on the burgeoning cloud market.

Employee collaboration woes are a thing of the past

May 29, 2013

There are many reasons why employee collaboration is critical for corporate success.

CFOs relying more on cloud and other solutions

May 28, 2013

Corporate executives have a lot on their plates when it comes to managing businesses, employees and new technologies.

Cloud computing surpassing previous expectations

May 28, 2013

Corporate information is being generated at a staggering rate, placing greater emphasis on effective storage solutions that can keep pace.

Virtualization adoption moving at slow pace

May 28, 2013

Companies are gradually embracing innovative technologies like virtualization to replace outdated IT systems that cannot keep up in today's fast-paced environment but some hesitation remains.

DBAs and security professionals must set aside differences

May 28, 2013

Database administrators (DBAs) are always focusing on ways to maintain database performance, but this task is especially difficult because as Dark Reading's Adrian Lane explained, security professionals often restrict user access and make life more complex.

Virtualization and cloud keeping IT operations management revenue steady

May 23, 2013

Virtualization and cloud computing technologies are having a great impact on many areas of the overall IT landscape, especially the global IT operations management (ITOM) sector.