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SQL Server Query Tuning: Get it Right the First TimeRegister Here

Because SQL Server query tuning is often more art than science, it can quickly eat up a lot of time for DBAs and developers both. If you'd like to learn how to get the most return on the time you invest in tuning, this webinar is for you.

In this webinar, you'll learn a proven method to determine the best approach for tuning queries by using:

  • response time analysis 
  • SQL diagramming techniques 

Regardless of the complexity of the statement, this quick, systematic approach will lead you down the correct tuning path with no guessing. Whether you're a beginner or expert, this approach will save you countless hours tuning a query.

Please join Janis Griffin, Performance Evangelist at Solarwinds, for this information-packed session on effective SQL Server query tuning. Janis has over 24+ years of experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications.

February 4, 2015

Expert Tips and Tools for Managing Oracle RAC 12cRegister Here

Many have hailed Oracle RAC 12c as the best release so far--and with good reason. Significant enhancements include scalability and high availability, with features such as Flex Clusters, Flex ASM, Application Continuity and Transaction Guard.

To get the most from these new features, you must manage them effectively using:

  • Operational support enhancements to SRVCTL
  • CRSCTL commands
  • ADR support for Grid Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Manager
  • Other support tools such Orachk and TFA analyzer

We’ll explore these important tools, and learn more about the functionality introduced in

Join Leighton Nelson, Oracle ACE, Oracle Certified Expert and and Lead DBA at WorldWide Technologies, and SolarWinds Database Performance Evangelist Janis Griffin, for this live webinar event to learn how to get the most from the powerful new features offered by Oracle RAC 12c.

February 25, 2015

VMs, SSDs and SQL Server - Oh, MyRegister Here

In the past five years, DBAs have seen major changes in their underlying infrastructure. Due to licensing concerns and broader infrastructure initiatives, IT has seen a large shift towards a virtualized converged infrastructure. The increased I/O demands of virtualized infrastructure and the rapidly decreasing cost of solid state storage (SSD) mean that more database workloads are moving to SSDs.

In this live webinar event, you will learn about how to best configure SSDs and arrays for SQL Server, and learn the answer to questions like:

  • If my array uses compression, are there benefits to using database compression?
  • How should I arrange my data files on an SSD array?
  • If I have limited SSD space, how should I use it.
  • On a hybrid array (spinning disk and SSD) how should you structure your policies
  • What changes from physical servers to VMs? 

Please join Joseph D'Antoni, Senior Architect and SQL Server MVP for this live webinar event to learn how to configure SSDs and storage arrays for the best SQL Server performance.

March 11, 2015