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We're planning monthly chats for SQL Server and Oracle database users. Get on TweetDeck or your favorite Twitter tool, search #datachat, add a column and you'll see our chat appear. Always include #datachat in your tweet so you'll be part of the conversation. And of course, please be respectful of others' opinions.

This month's awesome guests:

Strate 100X100 Jason Strate @StrateSQL
Jason Strate is Solution Architect with Pragmatic Works. He has been working with SQL Server for more fifteen years. His experiences include architecting and implementing transactional and data warehousing solutions on Microsoft Data Platform technologies, including SQL Server and Parallel Data Warehouse. A recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for SQL Server since 2009, he also has achieved the Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server certification. Jason enjoys helping others in the SQL Server community and does this by presenting at technical conferences and user group meetings including the PASS Summit, TechEd North America, SSWUG Virtual Conferences, TechFuse, numerous SQL Saturdays, and many PASS user group meetings.


Chat Schedule:

Tom 100X100Co-hosted by Thomas LaRock @SQLRockstar
SQL Server MCM and Technical Evangelist at Solarwinds
Griffin 100X100Co-hosted by Janis Griffin @DoBoutAnything
Technical Evangelist at Solarwinds
12/9/14 Stop Throwing Hardware at SQL Server Performance! 

Tuesday 12/9 - 7pm MST​

10/6/14 Oracle Performance Tuning Craig Shallahamer - 7pm MT
11/13/14 Rolling Upgrades Argenis Fernandez - 7pm MT 5/13/14 Maintenance  Dominic Delmolino - 11am MT
10/9/14 I/O & Storage Brian Flynn - 7pm MT 4/15/14 Performance - Oracle Kyle Hailey - 1MST - 12 PT
8/21/14 SQL Server 2014 Jason Strate - 7pm MT 3/6/14 Security - Oracle Pete Finnigan - 12pm MT / 7pm UK Time
8/7/14 Optimizing SaaS App. Performance Jeff Kaplan - 7pm MT 2/17/14 Virtualization - Oracle George Trujillo - 11am MT
6/25/14 Storage Joseph D'Antoni - 7pm MT      
5/29/14 Cloud Scott Klein - 7pm MT      
4/24/14 Maintenance Argenis Fernandez - 7pm MT      
3/27/14 Performance Tim Chapman - 7pm MT      
2/27/14 Security K. Brian Kelley - 7pm MT      
1/30/14 Virtualization Denny Cherry - 8pm MT      


Highlights from previous chats:

Date Topic Guest Highlights
5/13/14 Maintenance Dominic Delmolino Critical elements of an Oracle maintenance plan: a conversation with Oracle experts
4/24/14 Maintenance Argenis Fernandez How Can You Improve SQL Server Data Security? A Conversation with Experts
Plans or scripts? SQL Server database maintenance is all that and much more: a conversation with SQL Server experts
4/15/14 Performance Kyle Hailey 80 Percent Design vs 20 Percent Hardware: A Conversation with Oracle Experts About Database Performance
3/27/14 Performance Tim Chapman Mythbusting the Role of Hardware in SQL Server Performance: Part 1 of 3 from a Conversation with Experts
Insider Secrets to SQL Server Performance Tuning--It's About the Waits: Part 2 of 3 from a Conversation with Experts
3 Key Performance Features of SQL Server 2014: Part 3 of A Conversation with Experts
3/6/14 Security Pete Finnigan Three Key Elements of Oracle Data Security: A Conversation with Experts
2/27/14 Security K. Brian Kelley Four Critical Challenges in Implementing Data Security: A Conversation with SQL Server and Security Experts
How Can You Improve SQL Server Data Security? A Conversation with Experts
2/17/14 Virtualization George Trujillo Mastering Oracle Database Virtualization: Must-know Tips and Tools from the Experts
1/30/14 Virtualization Denny Cherry Not If But When: Best Practices for SQL Server in a Virtualized Environment


Previous awesome guests:

Shallahamer 100X100 Craig Shallahamer @CShallahamer
Craig is a long time Oracle DBA (1989) who specializes in Oracle performance. He is also an Oracle ACE Director, performance researcher and blogger, consultant, author of two books (Oracle Performance Firefighting, Forecasting Oracle Performance), an enthusiastic conference speaker, and a passionate teacher to thousands of Oracle professionals. He is the founder and president of OraPub, creator of the performance analysis tool, Stori, and clearly pushes the teaching envelope with his online seminars! His blog, A Wider View, is where to find his most recent public performance


Flynn 100X100 Bryan Flynn @brianpaulflynn
Brian Flynn, Product Manager at SolarWinds, has held roles in multiple disciplines from desktop support to development, administration and systems engineering with web, database, mail and networking technologies. He's served as a technical contributor and a manager. Over the years, Brian's also developed custom solutions for monitoring IT systems to diagnose and resolve complex performance


Kaplan 100X100 Jeff Kaplan @thinkstrategies
Kaplan has over 30 years of experience in the high tech market. He began his career as an industry analyst at IDC, Dataquest and META Group. He then held marketing positions at International Network Services (INS) and InterOPS Management Solutions. Jeff Kaplan is the Managing Director of THINKstrategies, the only strategic consulting firm focused entirely on the business implications of the transition of the technology industry from a product-centric to services-driven solution model, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud Computing and Managed Services. Kaplan is also the Founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace and the host of the Cloud Innovators Summit executive forum series,


Dantoni 100X100 Joseph D'Antoni @jdanton
A Senior Architect with over a decade of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He is currently Solutions Architect for SQL Server and Big Data for Anexinet in Blue Bell, PA. He is frequent speaker at major tech events, and blogger about all topics technology. He believes that no single platform is the answer to all technology problems. He holds a MSCE BI, a BS in CIS from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from North Carolina State. Find his blog here:


Klein 100X100Scott Klein @SQLScott
Microsoft Data Platform Technical Evangelist who leaves and breathes data. His passion for data technologies brought him to Microsoft in 2011 which has allowed him to travel all over the globe evangelizing SQL Server and Microsoft’s cloud data services. Prior to Microsoft Scott was one of the first 4 SQL Azure MVPs, and even though those don’t exist anymore, he still claims it. Scott has authored several books that talk about SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Database and continues to look for ways to help developers and companies grok the benefits of cloud computing. He also thinks “grok” is an awesome word. In his spare time (what little he has), Scott enjoys spending time with his family, trying to learn German, and has decided to learn how to brew root beer (without using the extract). He recently learned that data scientists are “sexy” so he may have to add that skill to his tool belt.


Delmolino 100X100Dominic Delmolino @ddelmoli
Dominic has been using Oracle since 1990 and spent 10 years working there as part of the System Performance Group and 5 years as the Senior Director of Database Engineering at Network Solutions. Currently, he’s Vice President of Systems Architecture at Agilex Technologies Inc. and author of the popular Oracle Musings blog.


Hailey 100X100Kyle Hailey@kylehhailey
Kyle is a principal designer for the Oracle Enterprise Manager performance pages. He is a member of Oracle Oak Table, the co-author of Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table, and was a technical editor of Oracle Wait Interface. He holds a patent in the area of database performance diagnosis, and has been a speaker at Hotsos, NOCOUG,RMOUG, NYCOUG, Oracle World and organizes Oaktable World. Kyle also teaches classes around the world on Oracle performance tuning. Currently Kyle works as a performance Architect at Delphix along with industry leading software, kernel and filesystem designers to take corporate data management to a new level of agility.


Fernandez 100X100 Argenis Fernandez @DBArgenis
A Senior Database Engineer for SurveyMonkey based in Redmond, WA. He has worked with SQL Server for over 15 years and enjoys OLTP databases, managing Windows environments, performance troubleshooting, high availability, disaster recovery, best practices, and PowerShell scripting. Prior to SurveyMonkey, Argenis worked for Outerwall, Ultimate Software and as a Senior Consultant on SQL Server Core for Microsoft Consulting Services. In 2013 he founded the Security Virtual Chapter for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS). Argenis is a SQL Server community enthusiast and speaks frequently at major SQL Server conferences, including the PASS Summit, PASS SQL Rally, IT/Dev Connections, SQLBits, and Microsoft TechEd. He is also a Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server 2008, an avid Twitter user and occasional blogger on SQL Server topics at


Chapman 100X100Tim Chapman @chapmandew
A Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and works as a dedicated support engineer (PFE) at Microsoft specializing in performance tuning and high availability. Originally from Louisville, KY, Tim now resides in Chapel Hill, NC. Tim has over 12 years of database architecture, programming, and administration experience. For three years prior to his joining Microsoft, Tim was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for his contributions to the SQL Server community.


Finnigan 100X100Pete Finnigan @PeteFinnigan
Living and breathing Oracle Security, PFCLScan, PFCLObfuscate, Social networking, web hacking, SEO, Software development (C, VB, c#, C++, Perl, PL/SQL)

Kelly 100X100K. Brian Kelly @kbriankelley
SQL Server author, columnist and Microsoft MVP; Infrastructure Architect, Security Architect, Directory Services Administrator (Active Directory), Senior SQL Server DBA, SQL Server Author, SQL Server columnist, Children's Minister, Youth Minister Specialties: Infrastructure architecture, security architecture, information security, SQL Server, Perl, Active Directory, IIS, Windows


George 100X100George Trujillo @GeorgeTrujillo
George Trujillo is an internationally recognized speaker, leader and architect in the Hadoop, Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization and Oracle ecosystems. VMware vExpert, VMware VCI, Oracle and Hadoop Architect. Oracle Double ACE, Sun Ambassador, MySQL Certified DBA, history buff and lover of blues/jazz.


Denny 100X100Denny Cherry @MrDenny
Denny has over a decade of experience in the IT field. He has an impressive set of credentials including being a current Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award winner, and he has been since 2008. He also holds the VMware vExpert award from VMware and the EMC Elect award from EMC. Consultant, SQL DBA, SQL MVP, VMware vExpert, MCM SQL Server 2008, MCT, XBox 360 player, Motorcycle Rider


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