Improved collaboration across DBA, developer, architecture, and QA teams eliminates finger-pointing and delivers applications to market faster

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Remove Barriers to IT Team Collaboration

Silos are a problem. Disparate departments, specialized tools, and restricted access to Test, Dev and Production servers keep IT teams working in silos and slows productivity.

Database Performance Analyzer removes Silos and Enhances Communication

Remove these silos and you will improve collaboration across your entire IT team. Database performance monitoring tool, DPA, allows the entire team – DBAs, developers, QA engineers, and architects – to collaborate on the performance of applications, enabling better service and faster time to market in accordance with a DevOps software lifecycle process.

With DPA, developers have read-only visibility to query performance on production and staging servers, allowing them to incorporate application performance into their development cycles and freeing them from dependence on DBAs for production data. QA engineers can locate performance issues before deployment and easily communicate these issues to the development team. And DBAs are able to collaborate with the extended IT organization while maintaining 100% control over production servers and monitoring load.

DevOps Team Collaboration with Database Performance Analyzer from SolarWinds

Its simple charts and non-intrusive architecture gives the entire IT team a unified view into application performance on production servers - without sacrificing performance or security.

Faster Time to Market, Lower Costs

  • Eliminate project delays resulting from rework of code late in the development cycle
  • Integrate performance into Agile development iterations
  • Hold third party software vendors (packaged apps) accountable for performance of patch releases and upgrades
  • Cut cost of bringing software to market by shortening the development cycle

DevOps - The Intersection of Development, QA, and Operations

63% of large enterprises characterize collaboration between Development and IT Operations as "un-collaborative" or worse... "toxic."- Gartner, February 2012

DevOps is a relatively new software development methodology that emphasizes communication, collaboration and integration between software developers, QA engineers, and IT Operations (production DBAs.) An outgrowth of Agile software development, DevOps acknowlegdes the interdependence of these departments and provides a framework them to work together collaboratively. Read more about DevOps.

SolarWinds DPA (formerly Confio Ignite), database performance monitoring tool, focuses on the development of database applications with performance that exceeds customer expectations.


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