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What Users Say about Our Oracle Performance Monitoring Software

My life is considerably easier because of DPA. I highly recommend it for anybody. It is clearly the best tool out there"

Barry Duran – Principal SQL Server Architect

Oracle Performance Monitoring

SolarWinds’ Oracle performance monitoring software is the one database performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning solution designed specifically to prevent and solve the toughest performance problems. It's not a complex, general purpose tool like OEM. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle goes where OEM can’t. It’s the one tool that all DBAs, Developers, and DBA Managers can collectively use to save time and measurably improve Oracle and application performance.

Top 6 Reasons to use SolarWinds Oracle Performance Monitoring Software

  • Identify performance issues that impact application response time the most

    Multi-Vendor Device Support

    Response Time Analysis helps you make changes that end-users will notice when their apps run faster.

    Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle applies Response Time analysis to measure the time for query response, rather than focusing on conventional server health metrics. Additionally, Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle measures time associated with each tiny operation—or wait type—and uses it to expose delays in end-user service. This is the most important indicator, since it shows applications waiting on Oracle to respond. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle doesn’t stop there. It gathers real time session data, server resource levels, and query information of your Oracle database performance. It also analyzes historical trends of response time over multiple dimensions—such as wait type, program, and execution plan. Then Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle correlates the data to lead the DBA through the most important problems and solutions. Database Performance Analyzer also helps you maximize performance of Oracle in the cloud. Further, it provides a clear correlation between database response time to the applications and server resource provisioning, allowing you right size your Amazon cloud servers.

    Cloud companies face a critical decision when it comes to maximizing application performance while scaling rapidly. See how to prepare for when your company goes supernova.

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  • New in Version 9. 1Eliminate Database Bottlenecks on AWS

    Get unparalleled visibility to performance on the Amazon Cloud. Database Performance Analyzer’s Multi-Dimensional Performance™ Analysis identifies historical performance trends and gives you actionable advice on the inner workings of database instances deployed on an Amazon AWS RDS and EC2® virtual machine.

  • Eliminate finger-pointing across the IT team

    Multi-Vendor Device Support

    SolarWinds’ Oracle performance monitor builds collaboration among DBAs, Developers, Q/A, and Server Administrators.

    Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle allows the entire team – DBAs, developers, QA engineers, and architects – to collaborate on the performance of applications, enabling better service and faster time to market.

    In turn, freeing them from dependence on DBAs for production data. QA engineers can locate performance issues before deployment and easily communicate these issues to the development team. DBAs are then able to collaborate with the extended IT organization while maintaining 100% control over production servers and monitoring load.Learn More »

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  • Database Performance Analyzer supports ALL database deployment options

    Improve performance without additional server resources

    Instead of being forced to use different monitoring tools for On-Premise and in the Cloud/Virtualized, get DPA. It’s the only tool that provides full coverage of all three deployment options offering consistent monitoring, minimized costs, and a thorough management of performance complexity.

  • Improve performance without additional resources

    Investing in hardware to resolve application performance problems is a big gamble unless you are certain the performance bottleneck is, in fact, caused by server resources. DPA helps pinpoint the root cause of problems and allows you to validate your hardware purchases.

  • No Agents and No Load

    Hardware Health Monitoring

    SolarWinds’ Oracle performance monitor is unique with no installed agent and less than 1% load on monitored server.

    Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle monitors databases without installing any software on the production systems. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle is built on a three tier architecture, with software installed only in the middle tier. DBAs, developers, and managers access the solution from their browser. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle is installed on any Windows®, UNIX® or Linux® server. The repository database is configured in an Oracle or SQL Server® instance, often a test or development system. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle’s agentless probes reach across the network to the monitored databases - Oracle as well as other vendors - and pull performance statistics back to the repository for analysis and reporting.

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System Requirements - One Software Fits All

Repository Database

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server repository can be either

  • SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014
  • Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c (Single tenant )

Supported monitored databases in 9.1 include:

  • SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014
  • Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c (Single tenant)
  • SAP ASE 15.0.x, 15.5, 15.7, 16
  • DB2 LUW 9.x, 10.1, 10.5

Operating System

Windows, Linux or UNIX

Hard Drive

2GB per monitored instance




Dual Core


  • “Express” editions of either SQL Server or Oracle can be used for DPA’s repository database, but please note that these free editions do have restrictions that can limit analysis performance and historical repository size for larger deployments.
  • To ensure consistent 24/7 monitoring, Database Performance Analyzer should not be installed on a laptop or any other computer that gets powered down frequently.
  • Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle needs to be installed on a server that does not contain monitored instances in order to ensure negligible load on the monitored Instances.

NOTE: The minimum server requirements listed assume default configuration. The number of monitored instances, transactional load on the monitored instances, and number of active client sessions can increase the resource requirements of the server that Database Performance Analyzer is installed on.

Must Have Features of SolarWinds Oracle Performance Monitoring Software

  • SQL Query Tuning

    Resolve SQL Server Performance Problems in Four Clicks

    Often, database performance issues result from poorly written queries, bad design, or index strategies. Unlike hardware upgrades, query tuning can offer immediate and powerful results. However, effective tuning requires not only knowing the top SQL statements, but also the top wait types, SQL plans, the effect of missing indexes, blocked queries, and resource contention. Database Performance Analyzer isolates the root cause and provides the much needed tuning advice. Therefore, Database Performance Analyzer is a must for effective Oracle Performance Tuning.

  • Isolate Root Causes by Performing Multi-Dimensional Analysis

    Quick, Do-It-Yourself Deployment

    Get to the root cause of SQL Server performance issues without getting lost in statistics.

    Most database tools present a maze of screens and stats, but no answers. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle clearly identifies the exact root cause of Oracle application performance issues. It gives you the ability to analyze and optimize application performance based on queries, sessions, servers and storage systems. Using bar charts even a manager can understand, with alarms that lead directly to the detailed data, Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle gets to the problem and shows objective evidence fast, so there is no finger pointing about who is responsible.

    Database Performance Analyzer Oracle is the only performance solution that shows three key components of the problem: the query affected, the Oracle Wait Event, and the response time impact of each bottleneck. Finding the exact cause of the problem, from initial alarm to detailed analysis in only four clicks makes Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle the fastest way to improve performance.

    Learn More about Resolving Oracle Performance Issues »
  • Oracle E-Business Visibility

    Multi-Vendor Device Support

    Provides visibility into the causes of database performance problems in Oracle E-Business Suite.

    E-Business visibility captures data passed from Oracle E-Business suite to the database that uniquely identifies the screens, modules, and users generating the database request. When other tools identify all users as a single server and application, without providing any discriminating data, Database Performance Analyzer looks deeper inside the request to correlate the database activity with specific user actions.

    With Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle, developers get visibility across Database, Network, VMWare, Server and storage resources allowing them to incorporate application performance into their development cycles

    Learn More about E-Business Visibility »
  • Oracle on VMware®

    Multi-Vendor Device Support

    Get unique visibility into how the VMware infrastructure impacts Oracle database performance.

    There are risks to running databases in a virtual environment. Because virtual machine resources are shared across hosts and clusters, compute resources devoted to your Oracle database can change quickly. DBAs lack visibility to the vCenter console as this infrastructure is generally managed by another team.

    The VM Option, a chargeable feature of Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle, provides DBAs additional control over their database through visibility into how the virtual infrastructure impacts database performance. The VM Option provides contextual visibility to CPU, Memory and I/O performance from the virtual machine and host, and how changes in resource can impact database performance.

  • Performance monitoring for Oracle Standard Edition (SE)

    Performance Monitoring for Oracle Standard Edition (SE)

    Moving from Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) to Oracle Standard Edition (SE)? No more diagnostic and tuning packs! Oracle SE is the same high performance database, but features have been stripped away, such as the performance monitoring tools that you relied on to provide your performance analysis.

  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Performance

    Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Performance

    DPA for Oracle offers DBAs unparalleled insight into overhead caused by delays in Real Application Cluster (RAC) coordination and cache operations, which can cause critical performance problems for DBAs and their end-users.

  • Ensure top Performance for Oracle Exadata

    Ensure Top Performance for Oracle Exadata

    Exadata is an expensive hardware investment for an organization and no one can afford to have it underutilized or underperforming. Database Performance Analyzer helps overcome three distinct issues organizations face when adopting Oracle Exadata.

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  • Datasheet: Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle

    Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle is a comprehensive database performance monitoring and analysis solution for DBAs, IT management, and application developers. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle eliminates performance bottlenecks, improves application service, and reduces overall cost of Oracle database operations.



Product FAQ

  • Q:  How is Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle licensed?

    A: Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle is licensed based on the number of instances to be monitored. An unlimited number of DBAs, Developers and Managers can access Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle to view performance of any licensed instance.

    DPA’S pricing model makes adding additional monitored instances more affordable and less confusing than the core-based licensing for Oracle®, DB2®, and Sybase® products

  • Q:  On what server is Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle installed?

    A:  Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle is installed on any Windows, Linux or UNIX server. No software is installed on the Oracle server to be monitored.

  • Q:  Are there agents or other Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle software installed on the Oracle Server to be monitored?

    A:  No, Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle is agentless, and places less than 1% load on the monitored server. Nothing is installed on the Oracle server to be monitored.

  • Q:  What is involved in running a Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle trial?

    A:  A free trial is instantly available by downloading Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle from this site. The install takes just minutes, and as soon as data is captured, you’ll begin seeing results. A free trial key enables unrestricted usage across an unlimited number of servers for a 14 day period.

  • Q:  Can Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle monitor other databases besides Oracle server?

    A:  Yes, Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle also supports Sybase, SQL and DB2, all from the same installation. Just point Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle at the database instances to be monitored, then view them all from the same interface.

Product Guides

Download Free Trial Fully Functional For 14 Days

Version History

v 9.1
  • Identify performance bottlenecks in both Amazon RDS and databases running on EC2 instances
  • Simplified deployment using a pre-configured Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Annotation Tracking: Add notes to timeline to enable developers see what has changed during the specified period
v 9.0
  • Storage I/O Analysis
    • Monitoring, correlation and history on I/O performance
    • Latency and throughput of storage systems
    • Clear visibility of storage performance and it’s effect on SQL response time
  • Resource Metrics Baselines
  • SQL Statement Analysis and Advise Database File/drive tab
  • Alert Improvements
    • Resource Metric Alerts
    • Alerting Blackouts
  • Extended Version Support
    • SQL Server 2014
    • Oracle 12c (single tenant)
    • DB2 10.5
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v 8.3
Active Directory Integration - Authentication support via Windows Active Directory (AD)
  • Use Active Directory credentials for Database Performance Analyzer login, roles and permissions.
  • Single sign-on streamlines the login process.
  • Ensure compliance with password strength and expiration policies through Active Directory.

Ignite Central - Scales to support large Database Performance Analyzer deployments
  • Single view of critical problems worldwide.
  • Exception based management -only see extraordinary events.
  • Scales to thousands of monitored instances.
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To see a complete version history for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer, please visit our release notes.
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